Our story

Nara, Pals’ co-founder, lost her mom in November 2020, only a short year after her terminal diagnosis of small-cell lung cancer. But this isn’t about her passing, it’s about everything that happened before. And the story of many others, who felt as alone as Nara did, at a time when support mattered the most.

Today, more than 56 million families are paying the price of an overwhelmingly costly, inequitable, and inefficient care space. With the rapid aging of the world’s population, the healthcare systems are entirely unable to meet the growing demand for care with traditional means. Moving towards digital care solutions is inevitable, and it’s our turn to redefine palliative care.

Pal, our story of one, turned into our purpose. We’re fuelled by the vulnerability of hundreds who let us into their lives and are driven to build for millions who are navigating the world of palliative care, alone and unsupported.


Azi & Nara