May 29, 2024
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Pal achieves second place in NL Startup Competition 2024

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Pal, a pioneering platform in palliative care, secured second place in the highly competitive NL Startup Competition 2024. Co-founder Nara Moripen delivered a compelling pitch during the Social Impact segment, highlighting Pal’s mission to support caregivers of those with life-limiting illnesses through innovative digital solutions. The competition, organized by MT/Sprout, Upstream, and Erasmus Enterprise, brought together startups focused on making a significant social impact. Pal’s recognition underscores its vital role in enhancing palliative care quality and efficiency in the Netherlands.

Other standout participants included a diverse range of startups addressing critical issues. The first-place winner developed a groundbreaking solution for sustainable energy, while the third-place finisher presented innovative educational technology. These companies, along with Pal, exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to creating positive societal change.


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