September 25, 2023
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Pal launch featured in Just Entrepreneurs, Business Today, Silicon Canals, & more

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Pal’s successful closure of a €300K pre-seed funding round has been widely covered by European media outlets, highlighting the startup’s mission to redefine palliative care through digital innovation. Silicon Canals, Just Entrepreneurs, Tech Funding News, Business Today News, Startup Rise, and EU-Startups each reported on the funding announcement, emphasizing Pal’s potential to transform the palliative care landscape. The articles highlighted Pal’s commitment to supporting caregivers and improving the quality of life for patients with life-limiting illnesses through its digital platform.

The media coverage underscored the importance of Pal’s work, with each outlet recognizing the startup’s innovative approach to addressing critical challenges in palliative care. The funding will enable Pal to expand its services and enhance its platform, providing much-needed support to over 100,000 families in the Netherlands. This extensive media attention not only validates Pal’s impactful mission but also raises awareness of the growing need for effective palliative care solutions in the healthcare industry.

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